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  • Linuo Group  - Focus on solar and health industries

    Linuo Group started its development from a small-scaled factory in 1994 which produced pharmaceutical packing glass. Benefiting from China’s scientific development strategy, the support from cooperative partners and all personnel’s intelligence, Linuo Group developed itself to a pioneer enterprise in both solar energy industry and health industries with current annual revenue over 12.8 billion CNY (2016).

  • Linuo Paradigma - Among the top 3 brands in China

    Linuo Paradigma is one of the most well-known suppliers of solar thermal systems in China. Established in 2001, the Sino-German joint venture has already installed millions of square meters of evacuated tube collectors at home and abroad.



    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), by the end of 2014, the solar thermal collector capacity in operation worldwide equalled 410.2GWth, corresponding to 586.1 million square meters; the new installed capacity of the year 2014 was around 46.7GWth, corresponding to 66.7 million square meters (Weiss and Mauthner, 2012).

    Heating accounts for a significant proportion of the world’s total energy demand. In 2009, the IEA reported that global energy demand for heat represented 47% of final energy use, higher than final energy for electricity (17%) and transport (27%) combined. The large proportion of heat in final energy demand explains the substantial contribution that renewable heat - and thus solar heat - could make in meeting climate change and energy security objectives. (Source: IEA 2012)


    World generating capacity of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is increasing!

    Source:REA2012. SolarHeatingCooling_Roadmap


    As a subsidiary of one of the technology leaders in the solar thermal heating market worldwide, we are able to offer you both: forced circulated systems (Evacuated tube collectors with and without CPC-reflector) and thermosiphons (solar water heaters). Our focus lies on our core competencies within the field of evacuated tube collectors (ETC) – the most distributed collector type by capacity in operation worldwide.

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  • The most distributed collector type worldwide

    Source: Solar thermal heat worldwide (2016)