Your benefit - Together we can make a difference!

Using fossil fuels or electricity as main resource for heating will become too expensive for most people in the future. An increasing energy consumption worldwide also implies strong economic and environmental external costs. Therefore, solar thermal energy will play an important role in the future energy mix for heating and cooling. What are your benefits of using solar thermal heating and our products? 

Ecological benefit 

  • always leads to a direct reduction of primary energy consumption
  • does not rely on finite resources
  • available nearly everywhere
  • environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle is extremely low

Social benefit 

  • generating economical growth and creating local employment through the establishment of local production facilities and recruiting local employees

Economic benefit

  • prevent an increase in electricity demand, that probably would imply immense investments to increase power generation and transmission capacities
  • prices are highly predictable and does not depend on future oil, gas, biomass or electricity prices


From designing to manufacturing and distributing the product, our customers benefit from a complete value and production chain. The synergies of Sino-German cooperation are especially reflected in Research & Development and Marketing to meet your demands in term of German product quality and an outstanding customer service