LINUO PARADIGAM Hold 2017 Strategy Press Conference of “National Brand: Smart Hot Water & Energy”

The Strategy Press Conference of “National Brand: Smart Hot Water & Energy” was hold at Linuo Paradigm’s headquarter, Jinan on Jan. 1st, 2017, the first day of New Year. Many of its partners and distributers, specialists and scholars in solar and new energy industry, as well as Journalists from different medias came together to witness this event. With the time of becoming one of the “CCTV National Brands”, Linuo Paradigma launched its new strategy for 2017: Create comprehensive product mix for smart hot water and energy solutions. 


Linuo Paradigma has always insisted on create products with Craftsman’s Spirit since the company established. Its value on product quality reflects on quality control in the whole process, and the Golden series Solar Water Heaters guarantees 10-years warranty. With solar energy brand image, rich products lines and humanizing after-sale service, Linuo Paradigma has built up its distinctive “Made-in-China” pattern. To implement its obligation and value of “National Brand”, Linuo Paradigma will keep working on its creativity, product quality and brand building to improve its brand competitiveness and market influence.


Solar water heaters have been widely put into Chinese market for more than 20 years. And market recognition of solar water heaters has moving from “never-heard” to “widely-known”. As time moved on, users began to expect more on its functions and convenience; thus the solutions that can maximize customer satisfaction shall be the real Smart Hot Water & Energy Solutions. The Smart design is not only an additional instrument to realize more control functions, but also a series of system optimization and innovative design that can make the solar solutions meet the customer needs through efficiency, safety, operation, automation and feasibility. To make fully integration with air-source heat pump, gas and photovoltaic to improve product applicability, Linuo Paradigma has launched new product lines of PV water heater, integrated flat plate solar water heater, split type solar water systems and many other new arrivals.

Diversified integrated solar water heaters


Photovoltaic solar water system


Domestic space heating system