New developments, new start

Linuo Paradigma opened a new era of “Solar+” household water solution package

No different as the previous years, Linuo Paradigma’s New Product Release Conference arrived in time at the beginning of the New Year. Government officials and industry experts together with 400 distributors has joined this event in Beijing on January 5th. But the difference this time was that a new idea of “Solar+” household water solution package was proposed by Linuo Paradigma this year, which means we will constantly expanding our product range not only in solar thermal products but also in heat pumps, water purification systems and other water products.

2017 was a year that Linuo Paradigma developed in both manufacture and brand-building. The abundant advertisements at CCTV (China Central Television) made our name to become a household word. The National Brand program and honor of “Top 500 Chinses Brands” is a social recognition for our name among solar industry. Our intelligent interconnected factory and full process inspection center which came into operation in 2017 was an upgrade of manufacturing. But our pursuit never stops here limited by one independent product. Our next target starts from 2018 is to expand our vision and product range to household water solution package for our customers, and a better ecological environment through technology innovation. 

Depending on its energy-saving performance and flexible integration with other technologies, heat pumps will have a positive development in the coming decades. Linuo Paradigma has started its research and attempt of air-source heat pumps from 2010, and played an important role in “Electric heating reform program” in North China in 2017. This year, we will focus on: 1) High temperature heat pump that can provide hot water up to 75°C; 2) Variable frequency split type domestic heat pump; 3) Low temperature adapting heat pump system; 4) CO2 refrigerant technology; and 5) Powerful space heating system with Two-stage screw-type compressor.

Besides solar thermal products and heat pumps, our electric water heaters and water purifier series will also be ungraded to satisfy our customers’ diversified demands. Linuo Paradigma will always insists here to serve for realizing Chinese Ecological Dream.