New pattern in Latin America

Linuo Paradigma signed cooperation agreement in Mexico

From Sep.28th to Oct. 7th, Linuo Paradigma Chairman Mr. ShenWenming, Vice-president Mr. Ren Yong and Linuo Ritter International GM MS. Xu Yongmei have been to Mexico for business visiting. With support and witness from Mexico Federal Government and Secretary-general of MichoacánEconomic Development Secretary Department, Linuo Paradigam has signed the cooperation agreement of manufacturing joint-venture company with Mexican partner, which was mainly focus on locally production and marketing of solar thermal products.

Thegroup of LP was invited to the Mexican Federal Government Senate on Sep.29th, and introduced LP’s vacuum tube technology with independent intellectual property rights, as well as the corporate strength on diversified and systematic application on solar thermal, solar PV and air source heat pump. The Mexican Federal Government has expressed their expectation of supporting LP with popularization of high-quality renewable energy products in Mexico. The related resolution will be submitted to Senate after discussion by House of Commons and asking president for approval.

From Oct.1st to Oct.3rd, Mr. ShenWenming and his party were invited to Government of Morelia, Michoacán for discussion meeting with Mayor Mr. Alfonso Jesus Martinez Alcazar. It has been 8 years since the first LP solar water heater entered Mexico market. After 8 years’ experience and development, Linuo Paradigma has eventually gotten the opportunity to start new business model and move to a higher level. Mr.Alfonso Jesus Martinez Alcazar was quite pleased to have this joint venture cooperation purpose as congratulation present for his first monthinaugural, and enjoined his secretary to give consulting support on government policy and regulation to Linuo Paradigma. 

Under the witness of Secretary-general of Michoacán Economic Development Secretary Department, Linuo Paradigma and its local partner has signed the cooperation agreement, which stands for the transition from export-only to local manufacturing, and lays the foundation of market expansion in Latin America.