Evacuated tubes

Evacuated tubes
Key component of the forced circulation systems (collectors) and thermosiphons

  • Coating material SS-AL/N/Cu or SS-AL/N/Cu

    Scope of delivery Evacuated tubes are packed in boxes.


Absorbance rate after coating (AM 1.5) α% ≥94.5
Absorbance rate after evacuating (AM 1.5) α% ≥93.5
Emission rate after coating (80±5°C) α% ≤6
Emission rate after evacuating (80±5°C) α% ≤6.5
Stagnation parameter m²°C/Kw ≥240
Solar radiance exposure MJ/m² ≤3.0
Average heat loss coefficient W/(m²°C) ≤0.70
Selective coating material   SS-AL-N/Cu, SS-AL-N/Cu
Impact resistance   Steel Ball Test: Steel ball with diameter of 30 mm fall on the evacuated tube vertically from 450 mm height.
Vacuum Degree Pa ≤3x10(-3)
Pressure MPa 0.6
Transparent (AM 1.5)   ≥0.89 (ISO9806-1: 1994)

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