• for water, space and process heating with 60℃ ~ 80℃ temperature requirement.

    Scope of delivery: 

    • Fully pre-assembled collector unit

    Installation types: 

    • Pitched roof, flat roof, on-wall

    Advantages and benefits:

    • Higher efficiency for temperature range under 55℃.
    • Short installation time due to complete pre-assembled collectors.
    • Easy integration with buildings.
    • High explosion protection performance.
    • Without overheat problem during summer season.


Series FP2000
Collector dimensions (L x H x D) 2000 x 1000 x 80mm
Gross surface area 2m2
Aperture area 1.88m2
Absorber coating material Blue Titanium / Black Chrome
Absorber coating thickness 0.20~0.26mm
Absorber sheet material Aluminum
Absorber sheet thickness 0.3mm
Absorption rate ≥92%
Emission rate ≤5.8%
Header tube number 2
Header tube size/ material φ22 x 0.6mm / Copper
Riser tube number 8
Riser tube size/ material φ10 x 0.5 mm/ Copper
Medium volume 2.1L
Cover material Low iron tempered textured glass
Cover thickness 3.2mm
Cover transmittance ≥90%
Insulation material Polyster / Fiberglass
Insulation thickness 35mm
Frame material/ thickness Aluminum / ≥1.0mm
Back plate material/ thickness Galvanized sheet / 0.3mm
Test pressure 1.2Mpa
Max. working pressure 0.8Mpa
Net weight 36kg
Collector effiency η0 78%
Max. stagnation temperature 186℃

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