Thermosiphon technology - non-pressurized

  • Standard non-pressurized thermosiphon system

    for water heating (Direct flow system)

    Pipe/Inner Tank material:
     Copper/Stainless steel or modified PP

    Scope of delivery: 
    Fully pre-assembled unit comprising

    • Evacuated tubes based on the thermos flask principle
    •  Inner tank

    Installation types:
    Pitched roof, flat roof


    • Cost-effective
    • Low maintenance and repair requirements
    • Quick and easy installation due to complete pre-assembled components and manageable sizes
    • Customizing: Development of customer-specific modifications and individual solutions by request

    Application areas: Residential and service sector, public buildings

Model   PH 100L PH 200L SP200L SP300L
Type   CA47-1515 CA47-1530 CA58-1820 CA58-1830
Capacity l 100 200 200 300
Inner tank/Dia material/mm Stainless steel or modified PP/350 Stainless steel or modified PP/350 Stainless steel or modified PP/380 Stainless steel or modified PP/380
Outer tank/Dia material/mm Gl Sheet/450 l Sheet/450 Gl Sheet/472 Gl Sheet/472
Insulation mm 50 50 45 45
Inclination degree 30/40 30/40 30/40 30/40
Type of tube mm 47/1500 47/1500 58/1800 58/1800
Evacuated tubes no 15 30 20 30

Quantity in 20 GP, 40 GP, 40 HC

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